Managed Domain Name Service

From your email to your website, you rely on your domain name. Our service means you do not need to worry about it.

Your domain name is the key to your online presence.  A missed payment, an incorrect setting, and your website and email can stop functioning. It can take hours, or even days to sort things out.

We have a vested interest in managing your domain name: when something goes wrong with your domain name, it can take hours to fix.  This cuts into our productivity, and it depletes your web budget.

When we manage the domain name, it doesn't go wrong.

This service includes:

Domain Renewal

We renew your domain in a timely fashion.  The renewal fee is included in the service fee.

Domain Review

On renewal, we review the domain ownership details.  If any ownership details have changed, we ensure that they are brought up to date.

DNS Changes (Pointing)

If any of the settings for your domain name need changing, we do it.  No additional fee.  On average, a domain has a dns change every year (and at a £30 minimum for un-managed domains, those changes can add up).  


Nominet domains (,, etc.)

Wholething Managed Domain Service cost £2/month/domain (exVAT).

ICANN domains (.com, .net, etc.)

Wholething Managed Domain Service cost £2.50/month/domain (exVAT).