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Triland Metals

Triland Metals is a London-based broker and market maker, specialising in the trading of non-ferrous metals futures.

The Situation

Triland Metals had a legacy website which was out-dated and difficult to use. As they were refreshing their brand image, they needed a whole new approach to the web, so they asked WholeThing to get involved.

The Solution

WholeThing created a website that was bang up-to-date, with custom-made features that exactly met the needs of a fast-paced trading organisation. They also produced TriNet, Triland's intranet site, for internal libraries and information sharing.

The Results

Triland's website is regularly visited by customers, business partners and potential employees. They use it to disseminate daily and quarterly reports, to gather feedback and to keep their customers updated. It is a great success.

Triland COO
"WholeThing did a fantastic job of taking our ideas and making them real. Nothing was too much trouble and the end result is everything we could have wanted."